About Us

About Us

Ride Of Your Life is an adventure-travel web series that takes you to the edge. Produced by First Drum Films (a subsidiary of Inicia Incorporated) and co-sponsored by Incognito Worldwide, it takes viewers vicariously along on exciting motorcycle rides, combining history and investigative journalism and interviews to explore people and places.

My Journey Through India blog shall always be free, as will this site. Basic subscription on our TV page is $2 a month (scaling upwards with gifts, credits and perks) launching in Oct 2017.

2017 – Indian Himalayas, Delhi, Goa, Munnar, Ooty.
2018 – Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia.
2019 – TBA (either Europe, Africa, or South America) — tell us your choice?

You can contribute $2 or more here for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE full-length documentary

- An Expat in India

Bruce arrived in India in 2012 and remained for 5 years. He runs Incognito Worldwide India Pvt. Ltd., along with company directors Nihanth Kandimalla and Kiran Kumar. They work hard and play hard, documenting their travels and explorations around India [by mortorcycle].

By becoming a patron (click the title) you help bring adventures to life for the cost of a monthly cup of coffee. Initially self-funding the venture the guys hope to deliver fun and interesting videos that will attract and earn viewer support.

+ Forests, Hills, Mountains, and Coastlines

While we interview and reviews people and places, we look for exciting roads to motorcycle on so that you -- our viewer -- can enjoy the spectacular scenery thta India can provide.

+ Culture & History

There are places we've gone whereby knowing the history of a place or event that took place there brought the visit to life. While our goal is to WOW you with adventures by motocydcles, we aim to also bring insight and reveal stories of interest.

A compeling film that takes you to the top of the world, 18,000 feet into the Himalayas, along the highest motor roadway in the world. many consider it the most trecherous. Our riders will endure water hazards, mudslides, rockslides, and have to fight off headaches and dizziness from the lack of oxygen at such heights. We'll introlduce you to the people in this 1,000s of year old crossroads of the ancient world. With the roads closed all but a few months a year, this is a place out of time in its traditional roots.

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