Bangalore To Goa

Palolem, Goa

By Motorcycle it was a a 12 hour ride from Bangalore (Bengaluru city) to Palolem, located in South Goa along the coast of the Arabian Sea. We traveled through villages, forests, mountains and then enjoyed 10 days of sand, surf, sun, sea and … Margaritas!

We set out at 6:am and it took an hour to outside Bengaluru city (Bangalore). From there we cruised all highway road at about 100 KPH. With a breakfast and lunch stop it took us approx. 4 hours to reach out first turn off. From here is was small two way blacktop roads, some in disrepair, through an assortment of small villages for about until we turned off and entered the forest road.

forest rides on motorcyclesIt was mostly deserted as it zigzagged through crisp air provided from the endless trees. This was an enjoyable part of the trip. But as we entered into the mountain roads with their big sweeping “S” curves we were in rider heaven.

When you’re riding the roads in India however, and especially the smaller roads, you have to be ever vigilante for oncoming traffic. Buses, trucks, cars and motorcycles alike come at you like arrows loosed from their quivers.  It seems that once a vehicle begins to pass a slower vehicle that don’t ever pull back, even their is oncoming traffic.

The passing car stays in YOUR lane, coming right at you and forcing you to the side of the road. It is a bit unnerving the first few times you experience it.

After we cross to top of the mountains and began our decent towards the coast, you could feel the humility in the air. You exit the mountain roads at a small fisherman’s cove, and then again travel small 1 lane, 2 lane roads the pass through village after village.

About ninety minutes later we reached our destination: Palolem, South Goa.  You can read more about an expat’s take on the ride, the adventure and the experience at

During our stay we took a short 1 hour ride to the Dudhsagar Falls.


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  1. Bruce Dugan /

    This was a great trip. I’ve gone back every year, sometimes twice, and in 2017 nihanth and I will shift there.

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