Dudhsagar Falls

We set out from Palolem dressed in shorts and tank tops planning on a 15 minute joy ride. On the spur of the moment we decided to head notth to see a waterfall, We found ourselves on a winding forest roads that would go for long stretches, with fabulous hard “S” curves.

We came to a village or town, and as quickly as we arrived found ourselves on open road again.

It took about an hour to reach town near the falls.  When we asked everyone told us to take the jeep excursion. Hmm. We headed up the dirt road in what we knew was the direction of the falls. People shouted as we drove passed them urging us to turn back.

The road got rutted and rough real fast and we found ourselves at a river crossing. We waited and watched, not sure how deep it was. When one of the tour jeeps finally apporached from the other direction, we knew the water was too high for us to cross.

We did take the jeep tour. Kiran sat up front and Nihanth and I in the deep back, behind the read seats. With every bump that jostled my guts I wanted to strangle Kiran for talking us into this hell on four weheels. It got so bad he had the driver stop the jeep so he could switch places with me. My age was showing. But I accepted the offer. It was much better but I appreciated the effort.

Anyone thinking of going, this drive tooks 45 minutes on the worst rock infested roads I can remember. At the summit there is a natural pool under the falls. It was refreshing, and cold.

By sunset with air cooled down we drove back to Palolem in record time.  Personally I enjoyed the ride from place to place better than the dirt road adventure to the falls themselves.


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  1. nihanthk /

    This was a fun ride from Bangalore to the falls, but the 4 wheeler trip from the base of the mountain to the falls was grueling.

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